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Jed Shlackman, M.S. Ed., LMHC, C.Ht., NMT

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Jed Shlackman, L.M.H.C. provides a variety of individual, family, and group counseling services.

B.A., major in psychology, double minor in history and political science from the University of Miami
M.S. Ed. degree in counseling from the University of Miami.
National Merit Scholarship and membership in Phi Beta Kappa.
Member of P.A.T.H., Positive Alternative Therapies In Healthcare.
Jed has been a practicing counselor in the Miami area since 1997, having completed training at the University of Miami in 1996.

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor. (FL Lic.# MH5806)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist.
  • Certified by Leslie Feinberg, D.C. in Neuromodulation Technique (also visit, a powerful, groundbreaking new paradigm in energy medicine.
  • Trained practitioner of NLP (neurolinguistic programming).
  • Certified Psych-KŪ practitioner.
  • Certified ThetaHealing practitioner
  • Regression Therapies.
  • Facilitator of Regenetics Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning
  • Member of American Society Of Dowsers
  • Independent Usui Reiki Master practitioner/instructor.
  • Sound Healing; brainwave entrainment audio, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, vocal toning, and more.
  • The Monroe Institute Gateway course through Wave VII, an exploration of expanded states of consciousness.
  • Participant in lectures and workshops with a variety of leading holistic healing professionals and transpersonal healing practitioners, including Debbie Ford, Linda Adler, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Donna Eden, Steven Halpern, and others.
  • Independent research in natural health and healing modalities, including nutrition, naturopathy, oriental medicine, vibrational medicine, herbal medicine, and mind-body healing approaches.
  • Maintainer of Internet resource directory for books and WWW information addressing holistic health and educational resources.
  • Experience providing individual therapy, group therapy, and assessments for adolescents and children for the mental health agency PsychSolutions, Inc., in Miami-Dade County, Florida.
  • Experience providing group therapy for adults in a PHP program at American Therapeutic Corporation, in Miami, Florida.
  • Writer with articles published in Natural Awakenings Magazine and in Internet news forums including Online Journal
  • Ordained in 1997 by the Universal Life Church
  • Lecturer & Workshop Facilitator; speaker at local Theosophical group, S.O.U.L. Church, Miami-Dade College Health Care Forum, New Life Expo, & more.
  • Author of book project titled Consciousness, Creation, and Existence: A Guide to the Grand Adventure. To learn more about the book (published in 2008) please click here Book Info
  • Jed provides counseling and healing services with a holistic orientation, incorporating cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, family systems, and psychodynamic approaches as well as transpersonal psychological therapies, expressive therapies, mind-body healing modalities, and vibrational/energetic healing approaches that are on the cutting edge of modern healing sciences. Jed is also knowledgeable about herbs, essential oils, diet, and nutritional interventions for mental health and related issues. Jed is a multi-talented, compassionate counselor, with extensive knowledge and varied experience that allow him to provide skilled, comprehensive healing services and collaboration with clients.

    Jed's areas of greatest experience and expertise include addressing:

  • child and adolescent issues, including "ADHD" behaviors and other behavioral and emotional concerns present among youth.
  • anxiety, stress management, and pain management.
  • addictive behaviors.
  • chronic illness issues.
  • spiritual & personal growth issues.
  • Flexible rates for services are available.
    call (305) 259-0013 or email for further information or to schedule an appointment.


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