Sound Healing & Brainwave Entrainment

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All reality is composed of consciousness reflected in energy and vibration. One way we experience vibration is via sound. Other ways we perceive vibration are through tactile sensations, light, color, and smell. These sensory experiences all influence our consciousness and our energy fields. Sound healing methods use sound to help balance our energy system and facilitate positive shifts in consciousness and vibration. Brainwave entrainment through binaural sound helps the brain generate specific ranges of electrical activity in brainwave cycles, helping facilitate states of consciousness that assist desired activities and outcomes. On this page are many WWW resources on these topics, as well as a list of books that can be read for additional information.

Audio CD-R recordings using brainwave entrainment technology are available for $5 per disc, plus shipping cost ($1.50). These are custom made CD-Rs, which contain sound frequencies designed to meet the need of the user, whether for relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, mental balance, concentration, learning, or other purposes. Verbal guidance can also be included as requested. These recordings do not contain any subliminal content or hidden frequencies. These recordings should not be used by persons with epilepsy or seizure disorders. Please send an email to the address below if you would like to order a brainwave entrainment CD.

Payment for CDs may be sent to the following address:
Jed Shlackman
12965 SW 112 Avenue
Miami, FL 33176

If you have any questions or feedback, or are interested in classes, sound healing, Reiki sessions, or other healing services, please contact Jed by phone (305) 259-0013 or by email -


Note: I offer these resource lists for your examination and exploration. I do not necessarily agree with all the views presented on various WWW sites or in books. Read, explore, and come to your own conclusions!

  • - Whole Brain Learning Institute
  • EnterSound Sound Healing & Nutrition
  • Tomatis Method: Sound Therapy For Mental Health Difficulties
  • Steven Halpern's Sound Healing Music
  • Hemi-Sync: Monroe Institute Books & Sound Technology For Mental/Spiritual Development
  • Metatones Vibrational Sound Healing
  • Sound Therapy
  • BrainWave Generator Software
  • CenterPointe HoloSync Sound
  • Dick Sutphen's New Age Books & Sound/Music Resources
  • Aeoliah's New Age Healing Music & Art
  • BioWaves Sound Therapy & Healing Frequencies
  • EEG Spectrum Neurofeedback Therapies
  • Harmony Era: Sound Therapy
  • Biokinetic Resonance Sound Healing
  • Diviniti Publishing Self-Help/Hypnosis/Meditation Audio Products
  • Jan Tincher: Tame Your Brain
  • Frank Perry's Sound Healing
  • William Buhlman: Out-Of-Body/Astral Travel Books/Audio & Resources
  • Transformation Tech: Energy Healing Device
  • Crystal Sound Bowls For Healing
  • Acutonics: Vibrational Sound Healing & Tuning Forks
  • BioSonics - Tuning Forks & Sound/Vibrational Healing
  • Brain State Technologies
  • Sound-Remedies
  • NeuroAcoustic Research & Sound Healing
  • Dane Spotts: Meditation & Healing Products
  • Mind Technology UK
  • Awakened Minds
  • DeepTranceNow Brainwave Entrainment
  • BrainSync, Kelly Howell
  • Scientific Audio Binaural Sound CD Products
  • Binaural Sound Products
  • SkyHero Binaural Sound Products
  • Noogenesis Binaural Sound
  • Sound Healers Association, Jonathan Goldman
  • Brainwave Mind Voyages: Brainwave Entrainment
  • Magical Mind Online: HoloSync
  • Synchronicity Audio Products
  • Anna Wise - High Performance Mind
  • Etherean Music
  • Akshara Weave Healing Music
  • Open Sky Music
  • Nutritional Sounds
  • The Universe Of Harmonic Awareness & Chant
  • David Gordon: Music, Health, & Spirit
  • Dr. Gaynor's Music & Integrative Oncology
  • Future Harmonix Multimedia
  • DNA Music - Hemi-Sync Metamusic
  • Multidimensional Music
  • Don Campbell's The Mozart Effect
  • Sound Health Inc.
  • Biosonic Enterprises
  • Applied Music & Sound Technologies
  • Our Sound Universe
  • Llewellyn & Juliana's Healing Music
  • Tom Kenyon Acoustic Brain Research & Mystical Resources
  • Tama-Do Academy Of Sound, Color, & Movement
  • Healing Music Organization
  • Miami's Own Here II Here/Inner Voice - Original Spiritual Music
  • Relaxation Music - Dr. Harry Henshaw
  • Jonathan Wilk's Healing/Relaxation Music
  • BioRecharge Brainwave Entrainment
  • PrimaSounds - Sound Healing
  • Liquid Mind Music


    High Performance Mind, by Anna Wise
    The Ultimate Journey, by Robert Monroe
    The Roar Of Silence: Healing Powers Of Breath, Tone & Music, by Don G. Campbell
    Music And Miracles, compiled by Don Campbell
    Shifting Frequencies, by Jonathan Goldman
    Healing Sounds: The Power Of Harmonics, by Jonathan Goldman
    The Mozart Effect: Tapping The Power Of Music To Heal The Body, Strengthen The Mind, & Unlock The Creative Spirit, by Don Campbell
    The World Is Sound: Nada Brahma: Music & The Landscape Of Consciousness, by Joachim-Ernst Berendt
    Tune Your Brain: Using Music To Manage Your Mind, Body, & Mood, by Elizabeth Miles
    The Healing Energies Of Music, by Hal Lingerman
    Music: Physician For Times To Come, by Don Campbell

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