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Holistic Psychotherapy

Welcome to Jed Shlackman's holistic psychotherapy page. Jed is a licensed mental health counselor and certified hypnotherapist practicing in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Services include mind-body healing modalities, as well as individual, family, and group counseling & treatments. Jed is a Reiki (Universal Life Force/Energy [Chi] Healing) practitioner, and encourages clients and visitors to this site to educate themselves about this & other forms of natural healing, which are often quite helpful in removing barriers to mental and physical health. Jed now practices Neuromodulation Technique, a new leading edge approach that has been used successfully to address a variety of mental and physical health issues. Kinesiological dowsing methods are also used to assist in identifying which supplements may benefit individuals for their health concerns, as the role of nutrition, diet, herbs, toxins, allergies, physical exercise, and other factors are considered in the etiology and treatment of health issues. Sound healing is also used to assist clients in managing stress and balancing their energies. Due to the holographic, multidimensional nature of existence, body, mind, and spirit are seen as an integrated feedback system in which an issue that appears on one level of the system has association with other layers of the system, so mental and emotional issues typically influence physical conditions, and physical health factors and the biochemical environment influence mental and emotional conditions. Jed may also refer clients to other natural healing practitioners who can be helpful in assisting clients' efforts to obtain satisfactory treatment (e.g., nutritionists, hypnotherapists, kinesiologists, orthomolecular doctors, homeopathic doctors, acupuncturists, biofeedback specialists, etc.)

Jed's approach is eclectic, incorporating a variety of approaches that take into account the multidimensional, systemic nature of human beings & social units. Mind, body, and spirit are not separate from one another, and they are all manifestations of the Spirit/Source of All-That-Is. There are multiple levels of perceiving many problems, and the greater the scope of perception, the greater the likelihood of finding effective, lasting solutions to problems. Also, ALL life issues and difficulties are seen as catalysts for learning and spiritual growth - spirits have incarnated into human bodies for the wealth of lessons available on our planet. Those who seek counseling and other treatments are seen as people that are taking steps toward growth and greater awareness/consciousness. Seeking help of this nature is a healthy, commendable thing to do - not a sign of weakness or personal handicap. Having difficulties and challenges in life doesn't really mean a person is "sick" or "handicapped" in the greater scheme of things. These are merely catalysts for our souls to grow toward greater wholeness and One-ness with the Creator.

If you are seeking medication to cope with mental health issues, you are sincerely encouraged to research the paradigm associated with pharmaceutical treatments, and if you still want drugs, go find an obliging psychiatrist or doctor who you feel comfortable with. From this healer's perspective, medications are generally a way to avoid finding the source of a problem and true healing. Also, medications interfere with the natural synergistic chemical processes that our bodies are designed for. Medications may make you feel better for a while, but they are of no benefit in the greater scheme of things, as they actually tend to trigger the biochemical and bio-electro-magnetic imbalances that lead to illness. If you really have some imbalance in your neurotransmitters, then it is likely related to how you react to environmental factors like stress, diet, and environmental toxins. Drugs are designed to try to work AROUND the natural systems our body has to keep the nervous system (or other systems for non-mental issues) functioning optimally. Instead of trying to help the body work properly (which would involve good nutrition, stress reduction, & spiritual exercises), the medications ignore the underlying problems and deceive people into thinking the problem is being resolved. Also, constantly relying on drugs or other addictive physical "aids" (such as food, sex, adrenalin-stimulating thrills) to feel better is a path away from the path of spiritual growth. Those who are unaware or who feel they are not prepared to pursue growth will often choose drugs, and are welcome to exercise their free will in this way.

If you wish to contact Jed or set up an appointment, please call (305)259-0013, or page (305) 580-6208, or email Jed at For community resource information or emergency/crisis counseling in Miami-Dade County, call the Switchboard of Miami at (305)358-HELP [(305)358-4357]. The Switchboard of Miami's WWW address is

Holistic Therapy Book For Sale.
A Comprehensive Guide To Natural, Holistic Treatments For ADD/ADHD, Depression, & Other Emotional, Learning, And Behavior Problems In Children & Adolescents
8.5" X 11," 172 pages, comb-bound, copyright 2001, compiled by Jed Shlackman, LMHC. $16 plus $3.50 shipping/handling in USA. Payment by check or money order. This book contains leading edge information about a variety of holistic treatment options and is just as applicable for adult concerns as for juvenile issues. The book also contains a very unusual appendix and resource list, unlike most other holistic healing books. For details, click HERE.
This text is NOT presently available through any other source! Checks and money orders can be sent to Jed Shlackman, L.M.H.C., 12965 S.W. 112 Avenue, Miami, FL 33176. Be sure to include the shipping address you would like the book sent to.

Free Book/Course Preview - New!
A new book and course under development regarding the phenomenon of "ADHD" can now be previewed for free by downloading from the following link: Holistic ADHD Overview
This excerpt is titled "A Re-Examination of ADD/ADHD and Childhood Behavior Concerns: A Systems-Based Holistic Approach to Addressing ADD and ADHD Behaviors." Anyone interested in hosting a lecture on this topic or assisting in the publishing of a complete book as described in the overview is encouraged to contact the author at the email address on this web site.

Here is a list of miscellaneous resources for mental & physical health information. I do not necessarily agree with all the contents of these sites, and I am not responsible for the content of these sites or your actions based upon examination of these resources. For an expanded listing of HOLISTIC health links and books, visit THIS PAGE

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