From 1948 to 1984 & 2004 - Orwellian Psychological Warfare & The Oppression Of Humanity: A Spiritual Psycho-Energetic Perspective

by Jed Shlackman, L.M.H.C., C.Ht.

Freedom Is Slavery

Ignorance Is Strength

War Is Peace

These are the mantras used by the Big Brother ruling establishment in George Orwell's classic 1948 novel 1984. These are quite effectively being implemented today, especially in the USA, where the current occupant of the White House (having been selected twice now in fraudulent elections) is the personification of these concepts.

American "freedom" is actually slavery, where prisons oversee millions of citizens, often for victimless "crimes" such as drug possession, while elite criminals who harm many people remain above the law. Americans can be forced to give their earnings to the government and be forced to participate in wars that benefit the ruling class rather than protect the freedoms of citizens. Gargantuan legal codes regulate most human activities and increasing electronic surveillance invades the privacy of all citizens even while the government viciously protects its secrets.

Acting President Bush (and acting has a double meaning here) personifies ignorance, constantly making absurd verbal gaffes and speaking in simplistic, childish rhetoric about fighting "evildoers" and spreading "freedom" and "democracy" across the globe. He never acknowledges apparent mistakes and insists on being resolute and determined to maintain course and appear "strong" to discourage supposed "terrorists." This appeals to about a third of the American population, while most other people around the world find this disturbing since they are living in places that could be potentially threatened by Bush's warmongering. Of course, the same people will often admire shows of "strength" by their own nation's leader that they despise in foreign leaders.

Now of course, Bush, like other despots in history, claims that war is necessary to achieve peace, since the leaders of some other nation or land represent a threat to peace and stability. Actually, the war is really on human freedoms and potential dissidence, but people must be diverted into thinking there is an external enemy against whom they must fight. The war effort of course requires the citizens to relinquish their individuality and personal freedoms and to be suspicious of anyone they know who could possibly give comfort or aid to the alleged enemy.

Now, why do people so easily fall for all these psychological manipulations?

To a great extent, the answer lies in the Psycho-Energetic structure of our consciousness, as explored in the subtle energy system that includes the chakras discussed in various ancient and modern healing systems. Those in power are directed by persons with extensive knowledge of psychology and understanding of this psycho-energetic system and of methods to exploit this knowledge to control and exploit people.

1st Chakra - Safety, Security, Root Energy: When people feel unsafe or threatened their 1st chakra energy is disturbed and they can be controlled by anyone offering to provide safety and security. Terrorism, violent crime, and outlawed drugs are constantly portrayed as threats to society, even while powerful groups within government are facilitating terror activities, trafficking in narcotics, and directing mind control operations that create violent criminals. This is one of the most basic ways of manipulating mass consciousness and is highly effective because of the reality that most people in the world are at times dealing with root chakra issues.

2nd Chakra - Creativity, Passion, Sexuality: This is where our creative energy and passion may get subverted into preoccupation with sex. We are encouraged to focus our energy on getting a mate or getting sexual gratification by the constant barrage of sexual suggestiveness in advertisements and entertainment media. Simultaneously our culture is influenced by puritanical religious fundamentalism, which encourages people to have guilt and anxiety about expressing their sexual energy. These mixed messages create blockages and compulsions in human sexual expression. This keeps energy stuck in the lower chakras and inhibits using this energy for creative endeavors such as arts, literature, and scientific innovation.

3rd Chakra - Personal Power: From early childhood we are constantly programmed to satisfy others - first our parents and teachers, then our peers or the media images that we come to think represent what makes one likable and accepted. When our own desires aren't valued or respected we can repress our energy of personal power or we can become hostile and aggressive, overcompensating for threats to our sovereignty by violating the sovereignty of others. Either way we are out of center and easy to manipulate, being inclined to submit easily to authority or instead to resist anything that is depicted as a threat to our power. This is useful for keeping the public divided on controversial issues that involve changes to tradition or status quo.

4th Chakra - Self-Love, Emotional Expression, Empathy: We are constantly conditioned to compete with others rather than accept ourselves and express our own feelings and ideas. Emotional expression is often discouraged, especially when it involves emotions that represent release of frustration or anger. We are not told to respect all aspects of creation as part of the same whole, but are encouraged to work to impose divisive beliefs upon those with differing beliefs and values, often using government as the instrument of force.

5th Chakra - Communication, Hearing, Expressing Your Will: When we are encouraged to censor our speech to please others, to be "politically correct" and polite, we block energy at our 6th chakra. When we limit the flow of honest communication we have difficulty sharing differing points of view or understanding one another. Instead, we defensively try to protect and reinforce our own beliefs and viewpoints by tuning out others who disagree with us and only communicating with those who will support our existing perspective. This maintains societal conflict and inhibits growth. Balance in this chakra means being able to express yourself and to hear others without becoming defensive or offensive.

6th Chakra - Vision, intuition: In our culture, intuitive arts are typically presented by establishment spokespersons as unproven and entertainment oriented, rather than a vital half of our consciousness. When we haven't developed healthy lower chakras we will tend to see things in distorted ways to protect our ego-self. Our subconscious tries to provide us with intuitive cues to help us understand things better but we often ignore this due to the linear thinking styles promoted in modern society. We need to have both reason and intuition functioning adequately to live in balance. We receive information intuitively that can then be subject to reasoned analysis in light of other information and experience. When our physical senses are overstimulated by loud music, junk food, drugs, video games, television, and other materialistic media, we will be less sensitive to or aware of our intuition and more easily controlled by those who manipulate our thoughts and beliefs.

7th Chakra - Higher Consciousness, Connection to Source: This represents our connection to whatever we may call the higher power or consciousness that we arise from. This is the true source of our internal power, yet most people are led to conceptualize "God" as something separate from themselves that judges them and provides rewards or punishments. The dominant religions and belief systems labeled "science" serve to keep people confused about who they are and the true nature of reality, thereby keeping them disempowered and unaware of their internal connection to Source. Science claims to have no evidence of spiritual (non-physical) reality (a blatant lie, as those who are familiar with certain areas of research know). Religions claim to require "faith" and offer punishment for those who won't give their blind faith to a belief system. Thus, science and religion usually inhibit spiritual exploration by either hiding information or by insisting on uncritical allegiance and conformity. Those who accept what establishments of "science" and "religion" have to say are giving their power away to the people controlling those establishments rather than using their own power to explore existence and expand their awareness.

As you can imagine, pretty much everyone has some weak, imbalanced areas in their psycho-energetic structure. Can you reflect upon what yours are? Work on them to seek empowerment and balance so that you won't be easily manipulated by those who seek to grab your power for their benefit. Access your internal power and identify your own values, desires, and goals, which you can focus your energy upon. The psychological manipulation of humanity will continue to be rampant until there is a time when few people maintain the psycho-energetic weaknesses that can be exploited. Of course, those who try to exploit our weaknesses are serving the Source of which we are all expressions by giving themselves and others opportunities to recognize the need for greater balance.

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