Immune Approaches: Fundamental Flaws In The Focus On Pathogens

by Jed Shlackman, L.M.H.C., C.Ht.

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Over the past couple centuries Western medical theory and practice have been heavily focused on the idea of "infectious illness" and the use of "anti-biotic" and "anti-viral" compounds to treat the conditions attributed to infectious causes. The word pathogen means an item than has the genesis of pathology - something which creates or gives birth to illness. This paradigm is based on a linear, mechanistic view of life and biology rather than a dynamic, non-linear, holistic systems-based understanding of relevant issues. When persons have displayed illness with particular patterns of symptoms, doctors and scientists have used existing technologies to find microbes that they believe "cause" these conditions. However, microbes can also easily be found in healthy persons with no symptoms of illness, being non-active, dormant, and displaying no apparent harm to the organism where they reside. Thus, these microbes appear to become active and thereby foster an emergency immune system response only when conditions within the organism shift to facilitate these conditions. When the organism is weakened (which can be detected by measuring subtle energy activity in the aura) then the biological terrain is compromised - the balance of metabolic processes becomes disturbed, with hydrogen ion regulation faltering leading to acidic pH and oxygen supply to body cells diminishing as the electrical supply to cells has weakened. If this process were to continue unchecked then cells would rapidly die leading to death of the human organism. When the electrical source (the spirit) actually does withdraw completely then the body dies and decomposes - this is a natural part of the life cycle in the physical universe (the physical universe is merely an illusory extension of consciousness, energy, and what is typically called spiritual reality). When microbes and maggots come to consume a dead animal carcass (or even vultures) we don't decide to spray them with anti-biotics since we know that it is normal for dead matter to be broken down and recycled in this manner. Thus, when cells or tissues in our body are beginning to break down it is normal for microbes to foster the process of their degradation and elimination. When we are vital and healthy these microbes cannot and will not become active in our body. When our body is weak due to psychological stressors, electromagnetic drains, chemical poisoning, malnutrition, lack of oxygen, poor digestion, lack of sleep, or other factors, then this process of "infectious illness" will often become apparent.

In historical epidemics there have always been these other factors present in those getting ill, with the microbes associated with the illnesses just happening to be the type of micro-organism taking up the role of clean-up agent at that time and place. Intuitives have often noted that there is a connection between the type and bodily location of an "infectious" illness and the issues in the individual or mass consciousness of a person or persons manifesting the illness. I tend to agree in general with that assessment and suggest a look at the work of Louise Hay on this topic as it addresses how physical reality is used by higher consciousness to provide a feedback system, an issue only tangentially connected to the focus of the present article. As immune systems pick up an awareness of the particular micro-organism then this microbe will naturally wane and the role of clean-up agent will be taken up by other microbes - pharmaceutical efforts will always remain unable to keep up with the intelligence of nature in this matter. In fact, microbes are becoming increasingly resistant to pharmaceutical treatments as natural immunity development is bypassed by the delusional "war on germs." Vaccination efforts are claimed to be a success only when a type of microbe begins to naturally wane - there is no empirical evidence that the vaccination campaign is the reason for disease decline. No "AIDS/HIV" vaccine has been presented as effective in part because issues of impaired immunity are not waning - in terms of consciousness issues connected with AIDS, people are finding themselves increasingly powerless in a world of increasingly centralized wealth and power and intrusive government and military interference. Feelings of low self-worth and powerlessness are connected with immune impairment. Additionally, there are high level plans for lowering the planetary population in the 21st Century which necessitate maintaining AIDS and other supposed infectious disease epidemics as agents of death - rather than acknowledging the deliberate agenda and the role of enviornmental contamination, malnutrition, toxic medical treatments, and lack of resources as contributing to illness and early death. Announcing a successful AIDS vaccine would conflict with that agenda, and if that were done it would necessitate the invention of a new disease label and virus name to explain the continuing prevalence of immune impairment.

Vaccines contain toxic metals, preservatives, and other contaminants that actually serve to weaken or confuse the system of the person receiving a vaccine, contributing to the epidemic increase in neurological impairments, diabetes, allergies, autoimmune illnesses, and cancers. It is not uncommon for people who have received a vaccine to develop the condition they have been vaccinated for, often as a direct consequence of the vaccination itself. Thus, it is acknowledged that vaccines don't guarantee immunity. All they can hope to do is trigger the immune system to establish an awareness of the microbe and later use that awareness to stifle the activity of that microbe, even though this wouldn't keep some other microbe from playing the clean-up role offered by the unhealthy condition of the human organism. If vaccines really "worked" then there would be no reason to claim a need to mandate vaccinations since an unvaccinated person coming down with an illness associated with microbes couldn't logically present any hazard to someone vaccinated.

The typical medical response is to illnesses associated with microbes is to attack the microbes by dosing the body with toxic compounds that can actually contribute to the stressors that weakened the body to begin with (e.g., antibiotics kill beneficial probiotic bacteria and impair digestion). Western medicine also attempts to repress fevers and mucous elimination processes used by the body to clear out toxins and perceived threats from excessive microbial activity. The body uses these self-healing mechanisms when it hasn't been able to restore balance and vitality in other ways. Repressing fevers indiscriminately can prolong illness or even foster more severe levels of microbial activity, such as influenza shifting into pneumonia. Remember, the activity of microbes is a late stage in a dis-ease process that has been fostered by underlying factors. Rather than learning from the message offered by the body, physicians focus only on attacking the symptoms and the microbes, allowing the person to maintain all the conditions that foster the illness, thereby keeping the medical practices busy by fostering ongoing poor health among patients.

Approaches to resolving supposedly infectious illness that eliminate the existing appearance of illness and prevent future microbial activity fostered by weakened health or vitality include the following:

Psychological and Spiritual interventions that balance one's personality, minimize stress, and release "negative," energy-draining emotions.

Energy therapies that re-charge the aura and clear blockages of energy flow in the chakras, meridians, and subtle energy network.

Nutritional therapies that provide needed minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids, enzymes, and phyto-chemicals that foster healthy detoxification, digestion, immune function, and organ function.

Vibrational healing frequencies that can assist with energy balancing and can break down disruptive microbes without harming healthy cells.

Natural anti-microbial plant compounds that are relatively non-toxic to the body as a whole (e.g., oregano, olive-leaf, garlic, goldenseal, algaes, etc.).

Mind-Body therapies that correct faults in the subconscious regulation and information processing that guide the body's physiology and energy distribution systems.

Detoxification and avoidance of exposure to environmental hazards that are stressful, corrosive, or disruptive in some manner to body processes. This includes balancing one's psyche to foster optimal ability to cope with external challenges as well as changes in lifestyle, such as appropriate physical exercise; meditation; breathing exercises; air purification; a more natural, nutritious, and balanced diet; avoidance of recreational and prescription drugs, etc.

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