What Is God?

by Jed Shlackman, L.M.H.C., C.Ht.

What Is "God?" When people use the term "God" they are referring to their own concept of the Universal Creator. Many beliefs related to this concept are misleading and inaccurate. This commentary will try to describe what this Universal Creator actually is. The Universal Creative Consciousness is the source of all that exists. It's also infinite and timeless, although it can manifest and create realities that are seemingly finite and temporal. All things are an expression of this Universal Mind, and are constantly in the process of evolving and becoming. This "God" process is one of pure truth, balance, and awareness. When God fragments itself into restricted units of consciousness it creates the potential for darkness and things that impede love. The dark and the light are both aspects of the whole, and the full expression and experience of the infinite must include both polarities. These lead to separation from an awareness of the Source and the Unity of All in this Source. Spiritual energies such as the souls that incarnate as humans are experiencing these dark and light aspects as catalysts toward evolving awareness and consciousness.

"God" can be understood as a self-creating, self-regulating information matrix, which embodies the Unity of all things. "God" is neither just male or female, but an androgynous All-Parent that is never separate from its "children," as there is nothing created that isn't part of the Creator Process. There are many ways of expanding consciousness to increase attunement with this Universal Creative Consciousness, and no religion holds an only key to the "Spiritual Path" or "Way" toward God. Even science and artistic endeavors are potential ways of connecting with higher consciousness (which can also be viewed as connecting with one's higher self). There are many levels of Self/Consciousness, and they all fall along the continuum between God and Separation From Awareness Of God-Self.

Using analogies from science, "God" can be envisioned as infinite layers or fields of vibration. Just as one's thoughts are never static, God is never static but is always "vibrating" in the process of creation and becoming. At the higher realms of vibration, there is only energy in the form of consciousness and awareness. These vibrations of consciousness manifest and flow into denser forms of vibration that science thinks of as energy. Initially, these energy fields remain subtle and difficult to detect with physical senses and instruments. However, the subtle energy fields flow into denser energy fields that can be detected and manipulated in physical reality. We call these electromagnetic energy, sound waves, visible light, color, microwaves, radio waves, ultraviolet light, infrared, and other terms. These vibrational fields flow into and interact with even denser vibrational energies that we call physical matter. If one sufficiently accelerated the vibrational rate of any physical object, that object would disappear from physical perception, although it would still exist on a higher vibrational frequency and could rematerialize again when its vibrational rate is decelerated. This is the technology routinely used by extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. However, this can be done with the power of spiritual consciousness, which is the source of all matter and energy in the first place. Thus, these "aliens" are using physical technology to substitute for lack of spiritual/consciousness capability. Most of us on Earth haven't gained access to either the advanced physical technologies or spiritual capabilities.

Another useful analogy is that of water. Water exists as vapor in the atmosphere, and people take for granted the existence of water vapor in the air until the vapor begins to con-dense into water. Water in liquid form is fluid, and has many uses in biological and physical processes, although we normally take this for granted. Similarly, vibrational energy in the realm of electromagnetic fields and waves is useful but normally taken for granted. We don't think about how we receive our radio and television stations or our phone and Internet connections, and we accept that gravity is affecting us and that the sun's radiation will burn our skin. When water condenses even further it becomes solid ice, which is stable in form and can be held in your hand. Water vapor transformed to ice is like the materialization of spiritual energy! The unseen becoming visible is merely a matter of the density of energy and decrease in vibrational frequency.

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