Alternative/Free Energy & Physics Research

Here are some resources to investigate "free" energy technology and hyperdimensional physics theories. This includes the theories of scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, & John Keely. Since implementation of these technologies is being suppressed, I would recommend applying discernment in examining claims by people who are marketing any free energy/over-unity devices to the public. Many of the futuristic energy technologies described by esoteric writers are actually quite old, having been used by elites and extraterrestrials during periods of ancient civilization. Some of these technologies are currently in use by secret factions within the planetary power structure. Enjoy your explorations!

  • Grand Unification Physics
  • Giza Power: Ancient Egypt Technology
  • International Lambdoma Research Institute (Color, Sound, Geometry, Physics & Metaphysics)
  • Swedish New Physics Site
  • Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
  • Tom Bearden Physics
  • Magnetic Free Energy
  • Space-Time-Mass Physics Theory
  • Another Tom Bearden Physics Website
  • Infinite Energy
  • Kaplan's Free Energy Info
  • BlackLight Power
  • Institute For New Energy
  • Wands Of Horus: Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing Devices
  • BioElectric Shield Technology
  • KeelyNet Free Energy Devices
  • SingTech Nuclear Fusion Devices
  • Dr. Fred Bell's Research & Pyramid/Crystals Info
  • Bruce Cathie Info
  • Biological & Bioactive Electronic Holoforms
  • Orgone Energy Lab
  • Joseph Newman Free Energy Device
  • Experimental Holoform Technology
  • Tachyon Technologies
  • Magnetic Energy Theory & Devices
  • Orgonomic Science
  • Motionless Electromagnetic Generator Articles
  • Hoagland's Enterprise Mission: Space & Physics Research
  • Ascension 2000 - David Wilcock's Metaphysics & Science Resources
  • Subtle Magnetics & Energy Fields
  • Mandeville's Vortex Tectonics & Metaphysics
  • Vasant Corp. Spin Wave Physics Technology
  • Etheric Energy Products, Info About Wands Of Horus & Subtle Energies
  • Orgone Products
  • Future Horizons Technology & Free Energy Plans
  • Tesla Secret Lab: Tesla Studies, Purple Plates
  • ZeroPoint Energy
  • Free Energy Resources
  • Open Source Energy Network
  • Non-Restrictive Energy & Propulsion History
  • CTP Energy - Spiritual Energy Behind Everything

    Book Resources (I haven't updated this in a while!)

    The Bridge To Infinity: Harmonic 371244, by Bruce Cathie
    The Energy Grid: Harmonic 695, The Pulse Of The Universe, by Bruce Cathie
    Anti-Gravity And The Unified Field, Edited by David Hatcher Childress
    The Free-Energy Device Handbook: A Compilation Of Patents & Reports, Edited by David Hatcher Childress
    God & The New Physics, by Paul Davies
    The Tao Of Physics, by Fritjof Capra
    Nikola Tesla: Free Energy & The White Dove, by Commander X
    The Fantastic Inventions Of Nikola Tesla, by Nikola Tesla & David Hatcher Childress
    Tapping The Zero-Point Energy, by Moray B. King
    The Fabric Of The Cosmos, by Brian Greene

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