Lessons Of Allowance

by Jed Shlackman, L.M.H.C., C.Ht.

Many of us who have made natural healing or spiritual growth a part of our lives are eager to make a difference in the world. We desire to help others heal and choose more holistic ways of living. When people reject assistance or ignore guidance, this can be frustrating or disappointing to those who wish to help and heal others. This brings into focus certain key principles that can help healers (or anyone) maintain balance in their interactions with the community.
We are ultimately responsible for our own healing, and for the care of our dependents. People who choose lifestyles and paths that you may perceive as harmful are responsible for their choices and the potential consequences. Remember, at some time in your life you may also have been acting out of a state of lesser awareness and made harmful decisions. But what would be the point of your existence if you didn't have the freedom to make choices and learn from the consequences? There are currently an estimated 6 billion humans on planet Earth, each with a unique set of experiences and lessons to be learned in their incarnations. Most spiritual teachings view each incarnated soul as a fragment of One infinite Soul or Creative Source. Thus, each of these other souls manifesting through human entities on Earth is actually another "you."
In the virtual reality game we call Earth life, a major principle that we learn to master is that of allowance. Allowance tells us to allow others to make their choices and confront their lessons without imposing our own will on them, just as you would not want to allow others to impose their will upon you. There are a great many zealots and misguided idealists on this planet who are convinced that their way is the "right" way and that they must convince others of their beliefs. The only consciousness that any one of us can truly change is our own. Any attempt to impose one's will upon others without their free will consent is an act of spiritual imbalance, even if the effort is considered to be for the "good" or protection of the recipient. Sometimes, from a spiritual perspective, it is in a person's best interest to suffer.
An often repeated maxim is that lessons are repeated until they are mastered. We can provide others with whatever assistance they are open to, but cannot force them to learn the lesson. All the seemingly negative things in this world, including suffering, are tools for spiritual growth. Each one of us has the opportunity to pursue growth in our own life and offer assistance to others. However, it's not necessary or desirable to "fix" the world, as the circumstances of the world and the choices of those present are just part of the fantastic process of conscious evolution and manifestation of creation. If one person could magically remove all the violence, poverty, and suffering in the world, then a lot of souls would be deprived of some great learning opportunities! It is the consciousness of those present that attracts these experiences, and it is through inner growth that these experiences can be transcended into balance and abundance.

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